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Evalyn Bentley was brought into the world in Friend, Neb
., in 1878. Her folks, Randall and Sarah Bentley, of Canada, had five youngsters together. After Randall Bentley passed on, the family moved to Arizona in 1914. That very year, Evalyn Bentley headed out by horseback to the Hopi Indian Reservation to aid the turn of events and improvement of the country. She filled in as a field nurture, home financial specialist, attorney and specialist for the heavy truck repair tucson Hopi families. She later turned into a home showing specialist for Pima County, and in this job she coordinated projects that helped families with cooking, sewing and different things identified with home administration in rustic Arizona. She likewise settled a 4-H club. Bentley made ready for better training, wellbeing, and home life for Southern Arizona by presenting wellbeing and homemaking programs for provincial housewives, and moving Pima's first grown-up expansion classes. One of the projects she acquainted with the province, the "Continue To develop Project," offered free clinical and dental administrations in provincial regions and district schools. The program was such a triumph that it later turned out to be essential for the Pima County Health Center. In 1947, Bentley resigned from her home exhibition work in Pima County. She filled in as Pima's home showing specialist for a very long time and got noteworthy notice for her accomplishments at the First Presbyterian Church. In 1960, while crossing Speedway on her approach to chapel, Bentley and a companion were struck and murdered by a vehicle; she was 82 years of age. Bentley Avenue runs north-south between North Tucson Boulevard and North Country Club Road and between East Pima Street and East Grant Road. The road was named after the family, which claimed land west of Country Club Road. Mabel Bentley, who was Evalyn's sister, hitched an individual from the Stewart family, and that is the place where the name of the road close to it came from. Brichta Drive Brichta Drive Google Maps Augustus C. Brichta was such a solid backer of training that he worked two months without pay as the territory's first school faltered and afterward shut.

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